Hey! I’m Margaret Matheny, momma to Ryker, wife to my dearest companion, a baseball gypsy(hubby plays pro ball), health nut and a woman passionate about spreading truth, not lies. 

This a place for you to read about:

  1. All things motherhood: checklists, sob-stories, adventures, you know the drill

  2. Healthy + Minimal Living

  3. Maintaining a toxin-free home

  4. Real videos and snapshots into our ever-changing adventure as a family living in the baseball industry (Youtube)

  5. Delicious and healthy, family-friendly recipes

I’ve got a passion for finding honesty and transparency wherever I go. In a culture where people, beauty products, food labels, Instagram photos, and gosh…dare I say, even myself (yep, still happens) pretends to be something they’re not/I’m not, it gets quite exhausting.

I just love realness. Whatever shape or size it comes in, I’m all over it, and you will most likely see it covered somewhere in here.

Let the unmasking begin.

A few of my favorite things: My homemade hot chocolate (so humble, I know), Beautycounter’s Rosewater Mist, quiet mornings to myself, pants that fit without a fight, my husbands morning bed head, and a baseball game that finishes in under 3 hours.

If you want to share your new found truths, a recipe, or oh, a funny story, I love funny stories, I’m all ears! Send it my way. If you’re interested in working with me or seeing how I have collaborated with other brands, please contact me at margaret.m.matheny@gmail.com.

**Please note that I am not a healthcare professional and cannot respond to requests for advice concerning medical conditions or recommended dosages for supplements. **

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