Tea Tuesday: Peach Blossom, Floral + Feminine

Rishi Peach Blossom: Tea Tuesday

Welcome to the first ever Tea Tuesday. I decided to start this because I like tea and I like how I feel every time I drink tea. So, naturally, writing and taking pictures of tea sounded pretty appealing to me. This past year I have become quite obsessed with finding ways to practice stillness in order to stay as far away from stress as possible. Along with yoga, qigong, meditation and spending more time outside, I have incorporated tea time into my everyday life. Coffee is not my thing, I can’t handle that much caffeine honestly, but tea, tea is my jam. 

Every Tuesday I will share my tea concoction for the day with a short story, piece of advice, quote or even a totally random thought that pops into my head. I was once told that suppressing one’s thoughts is one of the most harmful things one can do to herself, so I’m avoiding that and letting them fly. 

So, once again, welcome to Tea Thought Tuesday. 

I found this Rishi peach blossom tea at Whole Foods this week and I love it. I would describe this particular tea as…feminine? It’s floral, gentle and super nurturing. Idk sounds weird, but try it for yourself! It’s bright, yet soft taste will have you waking up dreaming about it. As a mother, it’s easy to wake up and forget about myself and rush to my to-do list. I find that drinking a feminine cup of tea reminds me to embrace my femininity, take care of myself and maybe put on an ascot. 

Caffeine level = low, which is just enough for me. 

Tea thought today: this tea makes me feel girly. Girly is such a relative term. How would I define it? Ballerina-like, gentle, quiet woman with a soft but noticeable lip color and definitely not what I look like today. I’ll go change.

What does feminine mean to you?