The Hidden Dangers in EMF's

Dangers in EMF's

The Hidden Dangers in EMF’s

What is an EMF? Everything in the natural world has an electromagnetic field, including every cell in our body! With that being said, everything that's man-made also has an electric field (technology, home appliances, etc).  EMF stands for electromagnetic field, which is a measurable type of both electric and magnetic energy frequencies. Electromagnetic radiation is the energy emitted from EMF's and also holds the danger in these energy fields. Let me put it this way, just as there are good/bad carbs for our health, there are good/bad EMF's for our bodies.  

Dangers in EMF's? Artificial EMF's (smartphones, baby monitors, blenders, hair dryers, airplanes, power lines, etc.) interfere with the natural way our bodies work. The human body was designed with a very specific EMF frequency and is negatively affected when constantly plagued with unhealthy frequencies. The diseases/illnesses that come from overexposure include disturbed sleep cycles, stress, hormone imbalances, depression, chronic fatigue, vertigo and diseases such as fibromyalgia and cancer. It's actually pretty frightening how powerful EMF's are, and how little our society knows about them. For more on EMF dangers, visit this link:

Why haven't we heard of EMF's before?  First of all, the smartphone market is worth $355 billion and Apple is worth $750 billion. Of course they aren't giving their consumers any health warnings. Imagine the amount of money they would lose if they included the negative health side effects on each product. EMF's are also invisible and with a society so dependent on technology, it's incredibly difficult to share the dangers with people who don't believe or care to begin with. Research on the links between EMF's and diseases have been around for years, but people and companies are simply choosing to ignore the facts. 

EMF Master plug-in from emf solutions

EMF Master plug-in from emf solutions

How to Reduce EMF Pollution? This is a great article with 7 detailed tips for reducing exposure in your everyday life. A few of their reducing steps include using EMF meters, laptop shields, and plug-ins, using wires instead of going wireless, never putting your phone to your head and turning your phone on airplane mode often. Along with unplugging and being more cautious, I purchased the EMF Solutions Master Plug-in and was incredibly impressed with their product and company. They called me personally to help with installation and to fill me in on how to best use the product. I couldn't recommend their company more.

Depending on the amount and duration of exposure EMF pollution can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few years to cause damage to one's body. Newborns, pregnant women, children and elderly people are at higher risks of being affected by EMF's. With that being said, there's no possible way to avoid artificial EMF's in our ever-expanding, technology-dependent society. What we can do, is increase our awareness and act on our new findings in order to protect ourselves and loved ones from constant overexposure. 

Below are a few readings and research articles that further explain the EMF epidemic. Take a look at these articles for more detailed and scientific information! It's where I got most of my information on the subject. 


Reducing EMF Pollution:

Created the EMF Plug-in that I use in my living space: 

A completely unbiased organization who doesn't even sell anything. It's a prestigious group of scientists dedicated to doing the research for us:

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