The Parenting Book You Need!

With the thousands of parenting books out there, I swore to myself I wouldn't read a single one. Too many opinions, too many opportunities to think I'm not adequate enough as a mother. I stayed true to that promise, except for this book. I am not a reader, but I couldn't put this book down!

Bringing Up Bebe is a story of an American mother learning the wisdom of French parenting. While I have not concluded that French parenting is right and American parenting is wrong, I would highly recommend this book to any new mother. Through storytelling and personal examples of an American-turned-French mother, it touches on the sensitive subjects of helicopter parenting, disciplining, and giving your child the respect they deserve. This darling, intriguing and research-backed book instilled confidence in my abilities and reminded me that loving my child doesn't mean I need to give them everything they want. I also don't need to push my child in order for them to succeed. Rather, letting my baby live and experience life through his eyes is what empowers him to thrive! 

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