Tea Tuesday: Fake Coffee, Wait What.


Fake coffee. Fake fur. Real Cashew milk. Damn Delicious. Cheers to another Tea Tuesday.

Today’s Tea: Fake Coffee by @bighearttea is made with organic cacao, organic chicory root, organic dandelion root, and organic cinnamon.

Benefits: Wow, where to start.

  • Chicory root enhances the function of the digestive system, purifies the blood and since ancient times has been used for liver disorders. In simpler terms, it detoxifies your liver, increased nutrient absorption and promotes healthy skin.

  • Dandelion root protects against free radicals and boosts liver function from its wealth of nutrients and B vitamins. The Liver is the king over all of your organs. If the liver is weak, it affects and weakens all of the organs int he body.

  • Cacao has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, it acts as a relaxant and it’s even considered an aphrodisiac. In Eastern medicinal practices, it’s used to lower blood pressure, fevers and it clears colds by firing the heart and moving the blood.

  • Cinnamon is incredibly under-appreciated these days. Cinnamon strengthens the heart, kidney, liver, and spleen, alleviates pain, nourishes the blood(aiding with fatigue), and even helps with rosacea by dispersing cold/heat in the body.

  • Homemade cashew milk is just a bonus and adds a delicious creaminess to my Fake Coffee tea.

Tea thought: “Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business”- @msrachelhollis
When I first heard that...🙌🏻. Now it’s up on my mirror. People will judge you regardless of what you do, so just DO IT.

***I am not and have never been a huge coffee consumer. I’ve gone through stages, as it’s hard for me to resist an almond milk latte, but I was spending way too much money and I didn’t like the feeling of depending on that cup of coffee to get me up and running. I love jumping out of bed in the morning knowing it’s because I take good care of my body, and when something’s off, I’ll know right away. I’ve just heard so many people blame fatigue on ”not having coffee,” and of course, I keep my mouth shut, but it’s a big sign of underlying issues. Waking up with energy and without coffee is empowering!***