Tea Tuesday: Mighty Matcha, Focus + Energy

Organic Burst Matcha

Organic Burst Matcha

Happy Tea Tuesday my friends.

Today’s TeaOrganic Burst Matcha with a bit of raw honey and a splash of homemade almond milk.

Matcha benefits: boosts the immune system, excellent antioxidant, helps dry up dampness and phlegm in the body, sustains energy levels without a crash, supports weight loss by increasing thermogenesis and the chlorophyll present in matcha is known to cleanse the blood. Wow.

Tea thought: There are lots of foods that are good for your body (in fact, I’ve been called out for saying “this is THE BEST thing you can put in your body” one too many times 😅). A crucial lesson I had to learn was that eating clean food is only a fraction of one’s journey to living a healthy life.
-How healthy is your liver(connected to anger)?
-How are your stress levels?
-Are you kind to others, even when it’s hard?
-How’s your ability to go with the flow? <<<<< Working on that one myself.
Interesting right? Well, it is for me! Lol. Happy tea Tuesday, xoxo.