Tea Tuesday: Cup of Love, How Fitting <3


Happy Tea Tuesday, friends.

Today’s Tea: Cup of ❤️, by @bighearttea is made of rose petals and tulsi(holy basil).

Cup of Love Benefits
1. Rose’s sweet and warming properties are widely known for nourishing the skin. Rose also regulates qi(flow of energy), assists the liver in detoxification, circulates the blood and helps restore the spleen, which improves digestion.
2. Tulsi(holy basil) is a powerful plant that is known for dissolving cortisol in the body(WHAT). Yes, it’s true. It’s considered an elite plant for reducing stress, calming your nervous system and for bringing harmony into the mind and body.
SO...glowing skin and stress reduction, how could you pass this up?

Tea Thought: Baseball season is right around the corner and it’s pretty much all I’m thinking about. I’m not worried or stressed. I’m calm(probably thanks to the Tulsi). All I want to do is make this season better than the last. That’s my goal, every year.