Lemon Water: The Easiest Way to Be "Healthy"

Lemon water benefits

Happy Tea Tuesday friends. Today’s not-tea-tea is lemon water. It’s just warm water with lemon, which sounds simple but the benefits are incredible.

Benefits: Lemon’s effect on the body is cooling; it harmonizes the stomach and aids in digestion and replenishes fluids. Just as it cuts grease on counters, it cleanses the liver, kidneys, blood, mouth, and urinary tract while making the body more alkaline in pH.

Warm water is essential here, as cold water depletes our digestive energy causing bloating and sluggish digestion.

Tea thought: Try ordering warm water with lemon at restaurants instead of iced water. Yeah, I’m that girl. Even my family orders a warm lemon water for me when I’m running late. I’m proud of that :).