Newborn Checklist for Minimalists: A List Designed to Keep the Clutter + Stress Away


Congratulations Momma, what an exciting time for you! Prepping for a baby is such a fun, yet daunting task. Fun because you get to dream about moments with your newborn, and daunting because there are a million things to do and buy before the baby gets here. Being minimal as you go about this process will keep you from cluttering your life and living space, it won’t break the bank, and it will help keep your excess stress far, far away.

Rykers first baseball game

Rykers first baseball game

Why We Went Minimal

When our son, Ryker, arrived, we were temporarily staying in a one bedroom apartment in Roanoke, VA. Long story short, my husband plays professional baseball in the minor leagues. For the first few years, I traveled with him, meaning he and I lived in 3 different cities each year. So, Roanoke, VA is the town listed on our firstborn’s birth certificate. It’s hilarious and just another part of our adventurous story in the baseball industry.

So what does this have to do with being minimal? Well, we chose to take both cars to each city and only allowed ourselves to pack for those six months in our two cars. That includes our clothing, television, dinnerware, golf clubs, kitchen appliances, bathroom supplies, baseball bats, pillows, sheets, and now baby necessities. We needed to buy as minimal as possible for our newborn, and frankly, I never felt like we needed more.

Now here we are, prepping for baby number two, and I’m truly at ease. The minor league pay is…minimal, so again we are on a tight budget. But we’ve learned a few lessons, we know the essentials needed, and we’ve got lots of hand-me-downs.

Here’s you’re Minimalist Newborn Essentials guide:

Newborn clothing necessities


  • Diapers and wipes

    • Newborns grow out of newborn diapers very quickly.

  • 6-8 Newborn Onesies

  • 4-6 Nightgowns

    • Very helpful for nighttime diaper changes when you’re trying to keep your little one from waking up. We also kept Ry in these until his umbilical cord fell off.

  • 2-4 Newborn outfits for special occasions

  • 2 Warm coats, or zip up onesies for colder climate

  • 4-6 Swaddle blankets

    • Our little one was swaddled more often than not. It’s comforting for them, it makes passing them around easy, and it keeps their clothes clean.

  • 2 pair of newborn gloves

    • Didn’t know about this one! Babies tend to scratch their cute faces, gloves, or even socks will help keep the scratches away.

  • 1-2 packs of socks

  • 2 hats

Newborns grow out of clothes very quickly, and they are swaddled for most hours of the day, so no need to buy a lot of clothes. Make sure to keep burp clothes around at all times so you’re not doing laundry every single day.

crib 3.jpg

Nursery or corner in your bedroom

  • 2 in 1 Portable crib + bassinet

    • Easy to transport, you can easily store for the next baby and no wasted money.

    • It’s not essential yet to buy a full crib, save that expense for a few years down he road.

  • Waterproof bassinet mattress or mattress cover

    • Most of them come waterproof, I added this just in case.

  • Crib sheets

    • I prefer to buy these organic as a baby’s skin is highly sensitive to harsh chemicals.

  • Noisemaker

    • This helped Ryker stay asleep during night time feeds while he slept in our room. Not too loud, just something to cover up any noise that could wake him during the night.

  • Night Light

  • Receiving blankets

    • No need for a large changing table. We used receiving blankets, towels, and just changed him on the couch. Babies really aren’t that messy, and having a transportable spot to change him made it super easy. 



  • 10-15 Burp Cloths

    • Seriously, you can’t have enough.

  • Breast pump

    • I had the handheld and electric breast pump. The electric pump is helpful for storing excess milk, which always comes in handy, and the handheld pump is great for emergencies!

    • Make sure you have enough storage/freezer bags for your breast milk.

  • 4-6 8 oz bottles

    • If you are not strictly breastfeeding, no biggy, just get more bottles!

  • Breast Milk Bottle Warmer

    • Warms frozen or refrigerated breast milk quickly. Essential for anyone doing night feedings for you.

  • Drying rack and bottle cleaner brush

    • This may seem unnecessary, but it really helps keep the bottles, with all their little parts, organized and clean.



  • Newborn infant bathtub

    • We had one with a temperature-reading feature and loved it. Being first-time parents, the water temperature wasn’t something we thought we’d stress about, but it’s a tad scary playing the guessing game with heat.

  • Beautycounter Baby Body Wash, Balm, Diaper cream

    • I say Beautycounter because it’s one of the few baby product companies I trust. Companies can write anything on their labels to make you think it’s a safe product when it’s actually not. Beautycounter is made with safe, clean and high-quality ingredients, all posted on their website, that won’t disrupt your babies hormones, trigger allergies, or irritate their skin.

  • Washcloths

    • Baby towels and toys aren’t necessary at this point. Regular towels work just fine. Remember, less stuff, less stress!


Other Necessities

Rear facing carseat mirror

Rear facing carseat mirror

  • Diaper bag

  • BPA free pacifiers + clip

  • Newborn car seat

    • Preferably one that transitions into a toddler car seat.

    • Get a window shade if your car seat doesn’t come with a sun cover. My baby got sunburned a few times.

  • Rear facing carseat mirror

  • Stroller

  • Receiving blankets

    • Great for warming, swaddling, nursing and handing off the baby.

  • Newborn first aid kit

    • Make sure it included a bulb syringe and a thermometer

  • Baby carrier backpack or sling

    • I had both. The slings are super cute and work great for newborns, but some can be tricky to put on yourself. Our baby carrier backpack got a lot more use and came with extra padding for newborns.



  1. Wash everything, in non-toxic, unscented detergent, before your baby arrives.

  2. Babies don’t need everything you need. It may seem uncomfortable to put them in a bassinet with no fluffy blanket or pillow (still swaddled of course), but they really are comfortable, and it’s safest to put them in an empty bassinet.

  3. Keep receipts! If you don’t end up using something, take it back.

  4. Give yourself a small space to work with, it will force you to stay simple.

The biggest lesson I learned about myself throughout this process was how focused I was on having the prettiest, nicest products on the market. Sure, I was excited and wanted everything to be perfect, but I had to get rid of that expectation for my own sake. I needed affordable, I needed efficient, and I needed to make this process easier on myself, my husband, and my baby.

I encourage you to challenge yourself, enjoy the simplicity that comes with living minimally, and most importantly, enjoy those quiet, still moments with your sweet baby.

Cheers Momma!

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