The Good Side of Instagram: 10 Accounts You Should Be Following


What? Am I actually telling you there’s a good side to Instagram? Yes, my dear, there is such a thing. 

About a year ago, I did an Instagram cleanse (happens about once a year) where I unfollowed any profile that made me feel bad about myself or discontent in any way. Then I unfollowed boring accounts that no longer served me. It was refreshing, to say the least. Who knew you could get off of that app and actually not feel down or depressed? 

Perhaps it’s time for you to take part in a cleanse. It takes a bit of soul searching, but the benefits are powerful. Instead of feeling defeated, you could feel empowered. Instead of feeling behind, you could be encouraged. Realness, humor, integrity, that’s what I’m looking for if I’m going to keep this black hole…err, I mean app, then it’s content, content that I’m actually in charge of, better be good.

Top 10 Instagram Profiles for Realness, health, humor, and integrity:

Blue Zones: @bluezones

Blue Zones are regions of the world where Dan Buettner claims people live much longer than the average lifespan. This page gives recipes for clean eating along with advice, tips, and stories related to living a long and happy life. It’s simple, inspiring, and it always reminds me to see the big picture, to not stress the little things, and to live intentionally.

Joanna Stevens Gaines: @joannagaines

My all-time favorite human. Why? Because she is successful, intelligent, creative, she loves her family, and she has come into a lot (a lot) of money but has chosen to forfeit the worldly temptations that come with wealth. She’s as normal and sweet as she was in her first episode of Fixer Upper. She chooses to encourage and support rather than become snooty and arrogant. She’s my role model, and I love the real-life glimpses she shares on her Instagram.

Dr. Courtney Kahla: @drcourtneykahla

A friend of mine sent me Courtney’s page about a year ago and said, “you’re going to love her.” Well, she was right. A warrior for holistic health and living a transparent life, Courtney encourages me (without even knowing it) to be unapologetically myself and to not feel silly that I prefer natural remedies and holistic living. She and her hubby just got pregnant too after struggling with infertility for two years. So real, so encouraging!

Karalynne Call: @Just.Ingredients

Karalynne is wonderful (acting as if I know her, lol) if you’re looking to live a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle. She has dedicated her page to teaching others how to read labels correctly, what to avoid in your food + beauty products, why you should avoid it, and she even gives you the best substitutes for your toxic products. All I’m saying is that I love a quick educational excerpt when I’m scrolling mindlessly.

Kelly Jensen: @kellyejensen

The sweetest momma! Kelly’s page is family oriented and filled with tons of encouragement specifically curated for mommas. She has five children, a sweet hubby, and she doesn’t shy away from sharing the up’s and down’s in her life. From miscarriages to being frustrated with her husband, to family walks as the sun is setting, she is real and will make you feel like you can do anything despite the challenges that try to get in the way.

Mary Kate Robertson: @marykaterob

I like following Mary Kate because she continues to stay real and down to earth even as she has turned into a celebrity through marrying into the Robertson family. She’s simple, not flashy, rarely wears makeup, and is just refreshing face on Instagram, where many women in her shoes would make you feel like you’re not as good, wealthy or pretty as her. I never feel that way. She’s such a good example. Transparent. Down to earth. Beautiful.

Andreae Hannemann: @earthyandy

Okay, not only do I love this momma, but I love the tropical paradise she calls home. Her pictures are breathtaking and just so natural. She shares healthy recipes, lots of family pictures, she talks about real life happenings, both good and bad, and she’s such an excellent example for living in the present, laughing and enjoying the small window you get with your little ones.

Arielle Vandenberg: @arielle

Absolutely. Hilarious. There are lots of funny people on Instagram, but I specifically love Arielle because she’s funny, beautiful and in most cases where women like that would be “too cool for school,” she seems really down to earth. I’d even say she defies that stereotype and totally doesn’t take herself seriously. I’m telling you, I laugh so hard at her videos! Such a good reminder to not take yourself seriously!

Jooleeloren: @joleeloren

Okay, another funny page. I honestly don’t know if that’s her real name or not, but she’s an artist. Not just any artist, but one who has no fear of blasting the stereotypical 21st-century woman in almost every post. Read a few of them, they are so refreshingly honest, I can’t help but laugh!

Rachael DeVaux: @rachaelgoodeats

Food. Food. Food. Rachael is a health nut and a BOMB recipe creator. If you’re into eating healthy and need meal inspo (for healthy meals that actually taste good), she’s your girl. Not only does her food look amazing, but she also lives a healthy and positive life. It’s refreshing to see, and gah, I just can’t get enough of her simple + healthy + delicious recipes.