Easy & Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

I use my fingers, I don't perfect, I use products to enhance my features, not hide them, and my #1 rule is: the products I put on my face cannot contain anything that's going to harm me. All nat-ur-aaaal baby.

Leading the pack in innovative, effective, and clean beauty, Beautycounter ceases to amaze me with their products and ability to create beautiful looks without any toxic chemicals. It’s the way beauty should be, and dang does it feel good to know I’m working with the best products in the market today.


I started my non-toxic living journey about three years ago when I got pregnant with my first baby. My health journey had started many years before then, but it wasn’t until I got pregnant that I was able to open my eyes and see that there’s more to health and happiness than just eating clean.

I’m a simple girl, and without drawing this out into a long, detailed reason behind my living choices, I’ll just stick with this. I want to live a long and happy life, I want my children and husband to live long and healthy lives. There’s no way we can control every toxin that stands in our way, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to stay informed, act with wisdom and do what I can to keep unwanted s*** away from my family.

Just in case you wanted the longer reason, here it is:

Skin irritation, hormone alteration, developmental issues, respiratory problems, migraines, leaky gut, depression, fatigue, and low immunity are just a few symptoms of toxic overload in the body. It wasn’t until recently that research surfaced regarding the dangerous chemicals used in the beauty industry. In fact, Congress hasn’t passed a law regulating the personal care industry since 1938. Think of all the chemicals and technology invented since then…yeah, scary right. Cosmetic and personal care companies can put cancerous, harmful, environmentally hazardous ingredients in our products and sell them without having to say what it is and what it does to the human body. Not even a *warning* needs to be issued. It’s very frightening if you pay attention or do any further research on tips topic. Thankfully, there are companies dedicated to exposing this system and you know who’s leading the pack? That’s right, BEAUTYCOUNTER.


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